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J. S. James CPA is committed to offering you a low cost and convenient alternative to ordinary CPA preparers and the so-called “low cost” chain preparers.  In this post I will analyze why going with my firm is a better option.

Most CPA firms have large overhead bills because they do complex business returns and high net worth individual returns. They have expansive offices with numerous support staff for the cumbersome task of filing large and complicated tax returns.  Their base prices are set on the premise that you have numerous investments and other income that must be researched and reported on many separate schedules.  If this does not sound like you, then it is very likely that you will be charged for a service that you will not be fully utilizing.  Additionally, you will be required to make an appointment at their office and gather up all your materials for your interview with them, which is an inconvenience to you.  In short, their level of service and cost do not match your needs.

Enter the so-called “low cost” chain preparers.  These preparers do not require appointments and often entice people through their doors with great sounding advertisements.  They claim that you will be helped by a tax professional and you will be able to file your return for a very low fee.  This is partially true.  The tax preparers at these chains are typically paid minimum wage and on a slight commission basis and are trained for a few hours at night before tax season, which calls into question their status as a tax professional.   In addition you will be assessed many fees that are extra for your return. A simple example is they will quote you a price for your federal return and charge you an additional fee for your state return.  They lure you with the low federal fee and know you will also pay the state fee because you are already there.   It is by these sorts of underhanded tactics they are able to offer their low initial prices.  You are likely to leave with a return that costs more than you expected and one that is prepared by someone whose education may not be what you expected.

J. S. James CPA is different for several reasons.  First, a licensed CPA will be preparing your return, allowing for a higher level of service than the chain preparers.  Secondly, we can beat the prices of other larger CPA firms due to significantly lower overhead. We can actually beat the chain stores’ prices due to not having to support a national advertising campaign or many expensive locations.  Additionally, we offer the convenience of coming to you at no additional cost.  We are fully mobile and are able to meet your tax preparation needs anywhere in the greater Fresno, CA area.  Highlights of our service include upfront pricing consultation before you begin, e-file of your return, the ability to set up a direct deposit of any refund you may receive, and lastly, a commitment to make sure you pay the legal minimum that you owe under the law.  We believe that each tax payer should pay exactly what they owe and receive all deductions and credits to which they are entitled for an economical fee.

When considering who to do your taxes done this year, I hope you consider us as a cost effective, convenient, and accurate preparer to fulfill your needs.


Jeffrey S. James


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